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Undergraduate Students

Spring 2022 

Academic Year 2021

SI. No. Name/Year Major Research Project
1 Allen, Alex Aerospace Engg CNC Routing of Bicycle Carbon Fiber Parts –
2 Bigelow, Jonathan (Jon) Mechanical Engineering Extrusion-compression molding
3 Block, Daniel Mechanical Engineering Laser machining of fibers and composites
4 Brackett, James Mechanical Engg Commingled thermoplastics
5 Button, Scott Chemical Engg Compression molding of LFT composites
6 Cable, Adam Mechanical E ngg Twin screw extrusion of PA6 and C-PA6
7 Chaudhary Vinit Mechanical Engg Carding and 3D printing of Covid faceshields
8 Choong, Kah Materials Science & Engg SMC compression molding
9 Cleer, Kile Mechanical Engg Biomaterials processing
10 Colburn, Daniel Mechanical Engg. Wet laid thermoplastics
11 Coste, Allan Mechanical  Engg. Long fiber extrusion
12 Crowder, Nicholas Aerospace Engg. Thermoplastic Tape Line
13 Cunningham, Hampton Mechanical Engg SMC processing
14 Daffron, James Biomedical Engg. Ultrasonics NDE
15 Del Rosso, Mariano Kinesiology Wet laid thermoplastic nonwovens
16 Dorsey, Will Aerospace Engg. Hydrofoil blades VARTM
17 Golloshi, Eleni Biomedical Engg. Magnetic compound compounding
18 Gosnell, Anne Aerospace Engg. Biomaterials processing
19 Haug, Alexander  Aerospace Engg Thermoforming
20 Heidel, Luke Mechanical Engg Embodied energy of composites
21 Herbers, Ashley Mechanical Engg Statistical analysis of composites failures
22 Herring, Clifton  Mechanical Engineering Filter materials characterization for Covid
23 Hicks, Brian Mechanical Engineering (April 2021)
24 Ibrahim, Mohamad Aerospace Engg Composites machining and joining
25 Iqbal, Omar Computer Science Web support for FCMF
26 Isaac, Gabriel Biomedical Engg Thermoplastic impregnation
27 Johnston, Eric Mechanical Engg Biomaterial Processing
28 Karastamatis, Yianni Mechanical Engg X-winder build and proof
29 Klepzig, John Biomedical Engg Lemond composite parts
30 Kobler, Will Mechanical Engineering UV curing of thermoset resins
31 Landrie, Dakota Chemistry & Math Balistics (2021)
32 Madison, Keona Mechanical Engineering Ultrasonic and vibration NDE of composites
33 Martin, Nicholas Mechanical Engineering X-Winder
34 Mays, Molly Mechanical Engineering FEA analysis of composite joints
35 Mistry, Abhi Aerospace Engineering Reprocessing of thermoplastic tape waste
36 Mistry, Mitul Music Acoustic emission of composites
37 Morse, Burke Aerospace Engineering NDE of sandwich composites
38 Myers, Payton Sustainability and Business Analytics Sustainability data presentation in realistic ways
39 Nowlin, Avery Materials Science and Engineering FEA modeling of brake housings and cable carriers
40 Oxendine, Drake Mechanical Engineering Overmolding of composite fibers
41 Pankratz, Sam Aerospace Engineering Hypersonic materials
42 Papiez, Zachary Chemical Engineering Molding of helmet shells
43 Petersen, Tyler   Mechanical Engineering Carding of recycled carbon fibers
44 Petty, Jeremiah   Materials Science and Engineering Combing of recycled carbon fibers
45 Pitman, Blake Mechanical Engineering X-winder
46 Pruitt, William (Liam) Pellissippi State Community College/UT Finance Routing/machining of multilayered composites
47 Reagan, Griffin Mechanical Engineering Burn off studies on thermoset composites
48 Reed, Andrew Chemical Engineering Magnesium-Carbon composite bonding
49 Roberts, Brian Mechanical Engineering Robotic opportunities for composites processing
50 Rodeghiero, Joel Computer Science Thermoplastic Tape Line programming
51 Rubera, Benjamin Aerospace Engineering Embodied energy of composites processes
52 Rucinski, Mason Mechanical Engineering Thermoplastic tape line development
53 Rutherford, Joseph Aerospace Engineering Biomaterial Processing
54 Shaver, Allison Mechanical Engineering Mechanical testing and characterization
55 Shay, Harrison Aerospace Engineering Wet laid Process
56 Sims, Kayla Materials Science and Engineering UV curing resins characterization
57 Smith, Carson Biomedical Engineering Injection molding of bioplastics
58 Stanek, Eilish Mechanical Engineering Ultrasonic C-scan design and automation designs
59 Suggs, Tucker  Electronic Engineering PLC control of tape line
60 Sundstrom, Tyler Aerospace Engineering / Carding/combing of recycled carbon fiber
61 Thompson, Eric   Aerospace Engineering Biomaterial Processing
62 Tison, Thomas   Mechanical Engineering Thermoplastic Tape Line
63 Toll, Reagan   Mechanical Engineering Hypersonic materials
64 Trent, Jonathan   Materials Engineering Thermoplastic tape line support
65 Vasiloff, Katherine   Mechanical Engineering Freeform fabrication of AM tapes
66 Weatherly, Caleb   Aerospace Engineering Machining of advanced composites
67 Wheeler, Sarah     Architecture Freeform robotic fabrication AM
68 Young, Brian   Mechanical Engineering Compression molding processing of composites


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