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Peer-Reviewed Publications

Composites Part B : Engineering (an Elsevier journal)

Uday K Vaidya, Editor-in-Chief, University of Tennessee-Oak Ridge National Laboratory

with Hao Wang, University of South Queensland, Australia

Check out the highest impact factor Composites journal – impact factor 9.078 as of 2021.

Recent Publications – UT FCMF team & collaborators (2016–2021)—Representative

  • Alex Stiles, Will Kobler, Pritesh Yeole, Uday Vaidya, Photopolymer formulation towards large-scale additive manufacturing of autoclave capable tooling, Additive Manufacturing ADDMA_102571,
  • Marco Menegozzo, Frederick A. Just-Agosto, David Serrano Acevedo, Basir Shafiq, Andrés Cecchini Brigi, Joaquín M. Valencia Bravo, Uday K. Vaidya., Development of a vibration technique based on geometric optimization for fatigue life evaluation of sandwich composite structures, MDPI Journal of Applied Sciences, Appl. Sci. 2022, 12(1), 16;
  • James Klett, Edgar Lara-Curzio; Merlin Theodore; Vlastimil Kunc; Uday Vaidya; Christopher Gilbert; Justin Finks; Som Shrestha, Melt-Blown Isotropic and Mesophase Pitch-Based Carbon Fibers for Thermal Insulation, Carbon, Dec 2021.
  • Tej Nath Lamichhane, Kaustubh Mungale, Haobo Wang, Kinjal Gandha, Xubo Liu, Ikenna C. Nlebedim, Zhang Gai, Uday Kumar Vaidya and M. Parans Paranthaman., Challenges in postprocessing of composite manufacturing of magnet polymer composites to enhance the energy product of NdFeB bonded magnets., Jl of Materials Science., Research & Development in Material Science. Volume 16 – Issue 2, pp 1802-1808., DOI: 10.31031/RDMS.2021.16.000882.
  • Surbhi Kore, Ryan Spencer, Hicham Ghossein, Lee Slaven, David Knight, John Unser, Uday Vaidya, Performance of hybridized bamboo-carbon fiber reinforced polypropylene composites processed using wet laid technique, Composites C, August 2021, Composites Part C., JCOMC-D-21-00100R1.
  • Ryan Spencer et al., An innovative digital image correlation technique for in-situ process monitoring of composite structures in large scale additive manufacturing., Composite Structures, COMSTR-D-21-01089.
  • Surbhi Kore, Merlin Theodore, Uday Vaidya., The effect of the segmental structure of thermoplastic polyurethane (hardness) on the interfacial adhesion of low-cost textile grade carbon fiber composites, ACS Polymer Materials,  October 2021.
  •  Pritesh Yeole, Seokpum Kim, Ahmed Hassen, Vlastimil Kunc, Uday Vaidya, A Optimizing the Infill Pattern of Additively Manufactured Compression Molds, Additive Manufacturing Letters, Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing Tooling for Extrusion-Compression Molds   ADDLET-D-21-00040R1
  •  Surbhi Kore, Vinoy Thomas, Ranjet Pillai, Merlin Theodore, Uday Vaidya., Improvement of interfacial adhesion of unidirectional textile grade carbon fiber (TCF) with unsized, epoxy and urethane sizing reinforced in thermoset urethane composites, Materials Today Communications, MTCOMM-D-21-00567.
  • Kaustubh Mungale, Tej N . Lamichhane, Parans Paranthamans, Uday Vaidya., Compression molding of Anisotropic NdFeB bonded magnets in a Polycarbonate matrix., Materiala, MTLA-D-21-00390R1.
  • Vipin Kumar1, Pritesh Yeole, Ahmad Majed, Chanyeop Park, Kai Li, Michael Naguib, Pruthul Kokkada Ravindranath, Charl Jafta, Ryan Spencer, Brett Compton, Uday Vaidya, Vlastimil Kunc., MXene reinforced thermosetting composite for lightning strike protection of carbon fiber reinforced polymer, Research Article, No. admi.202100803R1, Advanced Materials Interfaces. 2021, 2100803.
  • Samarthya Bhagia Nidia C. Gallego Nitilaksha Hiremath David P. Harper Richard A. Lowden Richard R. Lowden Yunqiao Pu Uday Vaidya Soydan Ozcan Arthur J. Ragauskas., Fine grinding of thermoplastics by high speed friction grinding assisted by guar gum, Jl of Applied Polymer Science, Pp 1-17.
  • Kore, Surbhi; Sangnal Matt Durandhara Murthy, Vidyarani; Hiremath, Nitilaksha; Theodore, Merlin; Young, Stephen; Penumadu, Dayakar ; Vaidya, Uday., “Textile Grade Carbon Fiber (TCF) Reinforced Polycarbonate Composites: Effect of Epoxy Sizing” ACS Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research,  ie-2020-05724v.R5.
  • Pritesh Yeole, Cliff Herring, Ahmed Hassen, Vlastimil Kunc, Robert Stratton, Uday Vaidya, Improve Durability and surface quality of additively manufactured molds using carbon fiber prepreg., Polymer Composites, First published: 11 February 2021
  • High-performance molded composites using additively manufactured preforms with controlled fiber and pore morphology, Vipin Kumar, Shailesh P. Alwekar, Vlastimil Kunc, Ercan Cakmak, Vidya Kishore, Tyler Smith,1 John Lindahl. Uday Vaidya, Craig Blue, Merlin Theodore, Seokpum Kim and Ahmed Arabi Hassen, Additive Manufacturing, December 2020.
  • Hicham Ghossein, Ahmed Arabi Hassen, Seokpum Kim, Jesse Ault, and Uday K. Vaidya, Characterization of Mechanical Performance of Composites Fabricated Using Innovative Carbon Fiber Wet Laid Process, Journal of Composites Science, J. Compos. Sci. 2020, 4(3), 124;
  • Vipin Kumar, Nitilaksha Hiremath, Pritesh S. Yeole, Ryan Spencer, Kazi Md Masum Billah, Mostafa Hasanian, Merlin Theodore, Ahmed Arabi Hassen, Abigail Barnes, Uday Vaidya, Vlastimil Kunc, “Internal Arcing and Lightning Strike Damage in Short Carbon Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites” Composites Science and Technology, CSTE_2020_1831R1.
  • Shailesh Alwekar, Ryan Ogle, Seokpum Kim, Uday Vaidya, Manufacturing and characterization of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic tape over molded long fiber thermoplastic, Composites B:Engineering,
  • Shailesh Alwekar, Pritesh Yeole, Vipin Kumar, Ahmed Arabi Hassen, Vlastimil Kunc, Uday K.Vaidya, Melt extruded versus extrusion compression molded glass-polypropylene long fiber thermoplastic composites., Composites Part A: Applied Science & Manufacturing,, May 2021.
  • Uday Vaidya and John Hopkins., IACMI-The Composites Institute efforts in current and post Covid19, Manufacturing Era – Innovations and Sustainability, , ID SSMS-2020-0070.R1 – ASTM Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing Systems.
  • Shailesh Alwekar, Ryan Ogle, Seokpum Kim, Uday Vaidya, Manufacturing and characterization of continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic tape over molded long fiber thermoplastic, Composites B:Engineering,
  • Samarthya Bhagia, John R. Dunlap, Mohammed Zahid A. Khuraishi, Richard R. Lowden, Wellington Muchero, Uday K. Vaidya, Yunqiao Pu,and Arthur J. Ragauskas, Fabrication of lignocellulosic biomass paper containing nanofibrillated biomass,, BioResources 16 (1) pp. 209-222, 2021.
  • Uday K. Vaidya, David Branscomb, Stephen Sheriff, Alan Tatum, Jon Hetrick, Ziad Demian, Lonnie Love and John Hopkins, Innovative large overbraided carbon fiber composite beams in historical friendship bell pavilion, Composite Structures, V 250, 15 Oct 2020, 112570.
  • Pritesh Yeole and Uday Vaidya., Hybrid fiber metal composite laminate interlaminar reinforcement through metal interlocks, Advanced Composites and Hybrid Materials, ACHM-D-20-00046,
  • Daljeet K. Singh, Amol Vaidya, Merlin Theodore Surbhi Kore and Uday Vaidya, Finite element modelling of the fiber-matrix interface in polymer composites., Journal of Composites Science, 2020, 4, 58; doi:10.3390/jcs4020058.
  • Nitilaksha Hiremath, Stephen Young, Hicham Ghossein, Dayakar Penumadu, Uday Vaidya, Merlin Theodore, Low cost textile-grade carbon-fiber epoxy composites for automotive and wind energy applications, Composites B: Engineering, Volume 198, 1 Oct 2020, 108156.
  • Yeole, Pritesh, Alwekar, Shailesh, Veluswamy, Krishnan, Kore, Surbhi, Hiremath, Nitilaksha, Vaidya, Uday, Theodore, Merlin, Characterization of textile grade carbon fiber polypropylene composites, Polymers & Polymer Composites, pp 1-8, DOI: 10.1177/0967391120930109, (2020).
  • Pritesh Yeole, Ahmed Arabi Hassen, Seokpum Kim, John Lindahl, Vlastimil Kunc, Alan Franc, Uday Vaidya., Mechanical characterization of high-temperature carbon fiber-polyphenylene sulfide composites for large area extrusion deposition additive manufacturing., Additive Manufacturing, Volume 34, August 2020, 101255.
  • Dale Brosius and Uday Vaidya., The Composites Podcast., CWTalks, December 2020.
  • Komal Kooduvalli, Uday K. Vaidya, Soydan Ozcan., Life cycle assessment of compostable coffee pods – A case study for a US university, Scientific Reports, 08 June 2020, Volume 10, Article number: 9158 (2020).
  • Ahmed Arabi Hassen, Mark Noakes, Peeyush Nandwana, Seokpum Kim, Vlastimil Kunc, Uday Vaidya, Lonnie Love, Andrzej Nycz, Scaling up metal additive manufacturing process to fabricate molds for composite manufacturing; Additive Manufacturing, Volume 32, March 2020, 101093,
  • Vidyarani Sangnal Matt Durandhara Murthy, Uday Vaidya., Improving the adhesion of glass/polypropylene (glass-PP) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) surfaces by open air plasma treatment., International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives, Volume 95, December 2019, Article 102435.
  • Komal Kooduvalli, Bhavna Sharma, Erin Webb, Uday Vaidya & Soydan Ozcan. Sustainability indicators for biobased product manufacturing: A systematic review, Journal of Sustainable Development; Vol. 12, No. 1; 2019.
  • Alan Taub, Emmanuel De Moor, Alan Luo, David K. Matlock, John G. Speer and Uday Vaidya., Materials for automotive light weighting, Annual Review of Materials Research, 2019. 49,
  • Uday Vaidya., IACMI: Driving innovation in the advanced composites industry- Composites World, Gardner Business Media, 12/20/2019
  • Enabling a circular economy approach to advanced composites innovation, manufacturing and use, Part 1, Composites World, Gardner Business Media, Feb 4, 2020,
  • Uday Vaidya., Enabling a circular economy approach to advanced composites innovation, manufacturing and use, Part 2 Composites World, Gardner Business Media, Feb 4, 2020 18/2020.
  • Uday Vaidya., IACMI-Technology Roadmap.,
  • Uday Vaidya., Developing new solutions for noise, vibration and harshness, Composites World, Gardner Business Media, April 29, 2020 .
  • Vipin Kumar, Pritesh Yeole, Seokpum Kim, William Henken, Jonathan Bieglow, Chad Duty, Dayakar Penumadu, Ahmed Arabi Hassen, Uday Vaidya, Vlastimil Kunc, Characterization of CF-ABS Composite Prepared Via Big-Area Additive Manufacturing, Extrusion Compression, and Injection Molding Processes, Composite Structures, 2020..
  • Melike Dizbay-Onat, Claudiu Lungu and Uday Vaidya. “Preparation of industrial sisal fiber waste derived activated carbon by chemical activation and effects of carbonization parameters on surface characteristics.” Industrial Crops and Products, INDCRO-D-16-02337R3, In-print, November 2016.)
  • Uday Vaidya. “Advanced Composite Materials and Manufacturing In Vehicles, Wind And Compressed Gas Storage.” Textile World, March/April 2017.)
  • Haibin Ning, Selvum Pillay, K. Balaji Thattaiparthasarathy, and Uday K. Vaidya. “Design and Manufacturing of Long Fiber Thermoplastic Composite Helmet Insert.Composite Structures,  2017.
  • Melike Dizbay-Onat, Claudiu Lungu, JoAnne Balany and Uday Vaidya. “Preparation and characterization of flax, hemp and sisal fiber derived mesoporous activated carbon adsorbents.” Adsorption Science and Technology,2017.
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  • Peter W Barfknecht, Justin Martin,  Brian Pillay, Uday K Vaidya, and Gary M Gray. “Single-stream processing technique for in situ polymerization of glass fiber/polyamide-6 laminates.” Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials,  0892705716649652.
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  • Rosalyn Scripa, Uday Vaidya, and Abidin Yilidirim. “Smart Helmets for Disaster Protection and Personnel Recovery.” PCT/US15/24240; T|H Ref. 222104-2500.


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