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The Future of Energy Grid is Distributed – CAMX 2021 ACE finalist

Emrgy hydrofoil assembly placed in canal (Click to see video)

The Future of the Energy Grid is Distributed

The success of hydropower in a decentralized world is unattainable with old methods.

Emrgy, small business partner is transforming a cost-competitive technology platform into a superior, higher performing, lower-cost game-changer for the growing distributed hydropower market sector.”

Hydrokinetic turbines can optimize power generation over a wide range of sites.

Customers generate clean, renewable energy for more sites and installations.

Composite blades offer unique advantages in terms of low cost, high-rate blades requiring lower energy and lighter hardware. The UT FCMF team in collaboration with ORNL worked with additive tooling and vacuum infusion process to produce glass fiber epoxy hydrofoil blades approximately 1 meter long. The assembly is mounted in water canals for energy harvesting. The micro-turbine blades are modular and easily installed.

Over the course of 1 year, 1 MW of power would generate

Strategic  partnership for composites development, additive manufactured tools, innovative processing, prototypes & parts validation.

The composite hydrofoil solution was selected as finalist for ACE at CAMX 2021, Dallas, TX. We are proud of the UT team.

UT team at CAMX 2021 ACE pavilion

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