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Surbhi Kore

Surbhi Kore

PhD Student

Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Contact Information

  • 1321 White Avenue
  • Phone: 865-974-5285
  • E-mail:
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  • Biography

    Innovator, Problem solver polymer chemist, Inventor, Leadership and team management, technical innovative skills, multiple project management, hands on  laboratory experience , Polymer processing and characterization expert.

    Research Interests

    • Dissertation: Investigated the structure-property relationship of textile grade carbon fiber ((TCF), low-cost carbon fiber developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory) reinforced in thermoset and thermoplastic polyurethane to evaluate the adhesion efficiency through experimental (surface, thermal and mechanical characterizations) and computational studies. Work is relevant to analyzing the surface chemistry and structural modification effect on the adhesion of fiber-matrix composites in automotive and wind turbine applications
    • Experience in broad range of technology projects: Carbon fiber, thermoset/thermoplastic resins (PP, Nylon, PC, TPU, TSU, epoxy), bio-fibers (bamboo, hemp), and recycled fiber reinforcements in a range of processes
    • Institutional Collaboration: Integrated with industry-led IACMI, FCMF-UT, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) projects serving automotive, truck, health care, circular economy, and industrial sector –responsibilities included executing of research, technical reporting, customer interaction deliverable.
    • Leadership in industry projects: (a) “Discontinuous aligned carbon fiber intermediates for automotive and related applications”, (b)“Hybridization of synthetic and natural fiber reinforced intermediates for automotive applications (c) Investigated the effect of aluminum and steel surfaces on the coefficient of friction of synthetic fibers, (d) Surface modification of carbon fiber for interface tailoring” Industries collaboration – Neenah Paper, Resource Fiber, Carbon fiber technology facility (CFTF, ORNL), Michelman
    • Intellectual property Disclosure (Patent): 1) Recycled fibers composites, 2) filtration media (for COVID-19 virus protection) material intermediates


    • Mechanical Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville 2021
    • B.Tech in Polymer Science & Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly UDCT) 2015

    Professional Service

    May 2017 - Present:
    Mechanical, Aerospace, Biomedical Engineering Department (MABE) - University of Tennessee, Knoxville- Graduate Teaching Assistant
    Fibers and Composites Manufacturing Facility & Engineering Annex (FCMF) - University of Tennessee, Knoxville - Graduate Research Assistant

    May 2014 - June 2014: 3M - Intern

    October 2012 - January 2012: Milliken Chemicals - Intern

    Awards and Recognitions

    University Graduate Fellowship from IACMI: Institute for Advanced Composite Manufacturing Innovation is a National Institute with 160 member partners, and 15+ interns per year


    • Surbhi Kore, Uday Vaidya, Merlin Theodore, ”The effect of the segmental structure of thermoplastic polyurethane (hardness) on the interfacial adhesion of low-cost textile grade carbon fiber composites”,(Accepted in Applied polymer materials, ACS Journal),2021
    • Surbhi Kore, Ryan Spencer, Hicham Ghossein, Lee Slaven, David Knight, John Unser, Uday Vaidya., ”Performance of hybridized bamboo-carbon fiber reinforced polypropylene composites processed using wet laid technique”, Composite Part: C, 2021,
    • Surbhi Kore, Merlin Theodore, Renjith Pillai, Vinoy Thomas, Uday Vaidya, ”Improvement of interfacial adhesionof Textile grade carbon fiber(TCF)reinforcedthermoset urethanecomposites: Unsized, Epoxy and Urethane sizing”, Materials Today: Communication, 2021,
    • Surbhi Kore, Vidya SD, Nitilaksha Hiremath, Merlin Theodore, Stephen Young, Dayakar Penumadu and Uday Vaidya, “Textile Grade Carbon Fiber (TCF) Reinforced Polycarbonate Composites: Effect of Epoxy Sizing”, Industrial Engineering Chemistry Research (ACS),2021,
    • Daljeet K. Singh, Amol Vaidya, Vinoy Thomas, Merlin Theodore, Surbhi Kore, and Uday Vaidya, “Finite Element Modeling of the Fiber-Matrix Interface in Polymer Composites”, Journal of Composite Science, 4(2),58, 2020
    • Pritesh Yeole; Shailesh Alwekar; N Krishnan P Veluswamy; Surbhi Kore; Nitilaksha Hiremath; Uday Vaidya; Merlin Theodore, “Characterization of textile-grade carbon fiber polypropylene composites”, Polymer and polymer composites, 2020
    • Vipin LN, Surbhi Kore, Merlin Theodore, Yeqing Wang, Kamran Yousefpour, Wenhua Lin, Chanyeop Park, Uday Vaidya, and Vlastimil Kunc. “Low cost carbon fiber as potential lightning strike protection for wind turbine blades”, American Society of Composites, 2020


Surbhi Kore

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